Eat Healthy


True and true.  You should not diet!  It ruins your metabolism.  It is not permanent weight loss.  It makes you cranky.  It is not healthy.  All these ads that bombard us every day, all day in the media makes us think that…if you eat this food on this plan…your problems and extra pounds will disappear.  Tell extra pounds may disappear temporarily, but once you’re off their program, the pound come back.  It’s the truth no matter how you look at it.

Another truth is that if you change your eating habits and lifestyle, it is healthy.  It doesn’t ruin your metabolism.  It is permanent weight loss.  You feel better and are in a better mood.  Yay!! Let’s go with that option.  PLEASE don’t say, “I’m on a diet.”  If you friends ask you if you are on a diet say, “No…I’m permanently changing my eating habits.”  We need to get the word out to society…please:)

I have been doing the 21 Day Fix and many tweets, stories, FB posts all say it is just another “diet”.  It isn’t…it teaches you how to make better choices and portion your food.  America has an unbelievably warped view of what a serving size is.  Super size…jumbo…big gulp…whatever you want to call it…it’s unhealthy.  Once you use the program and make those choices and portions a habit, you are on your way to that permanent eating habit.  Is this the only program that works??  Absolutely not.  Is it a program that works if you stick to it?  Yes.  Can you maintain it as a lifestyle?   Yes to that to.

I did a IIFYM program (if it fits your macros) and it worked too.  In that program, you have to stay within your macro count for fat, protein, carbs, fiber and it is very maintainable and it also works.  I feel that I do a combo of the IIFYM and 21 Day Fix.  I’d even say that 21 Day Fix is a twist on IIFYM.  So make that eat habit change…do it a little at a time and you’ll definitely see results.  If you’d like info on the 21 Day Fix, I will gladly answer any questions you may have.  Thanks for stopping by and have a healthy day:)


This Week’s Inspiration

These are the inspirations that I have seen this week online:

Blog – Leveala      Great tips on blogging and growing your social media following:)

Saying – I have been doing a lot of soul searching this summer and I have decided that I need to focus on positivity so that the negative and toxic thoughts and actions out there don’t consume me.


Article – As a society, we focus more on negativity and we have to consciously think about and work at being positive and having positive thoughts.  We have to hardwire our brains for happiness. How To Wire Your Brain For Happiness

Blogger – Cynthia Spillane of The Craft of Laughter…I reached out to her to ask A question and she has been my go to ever since.  She has shared her ideas, tips, enthusiasm and support.  Thank you for your help Cynthia!!

Product – I cannot say enough about the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ blender.  It can blend, crush, mix ANYTHING.  It is super fast and when making smoothies there is not one ice cube or fragment of an ice cube left at the end.  Just smooth drinking.  It is loud, but it gets the job done so fast, it really isn’t a problem to me.  If you use your blender often, replace it with this and you will not be sorry:)

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ BL640 Blender


Follow your Passion and Mission

I have done a lot of soul searching this summer.  There was a ton of negativity and one-upping going on where I work.  One person said it was a toxic environment.  I was not looking forward to having to go back to that less than inviting environment. I decided to become a Beachbody coach because I love researching nutrition and also enjoy trying out different types of fitness classes. I was happy and excited about it.

I set up a website for the business, i added a blog to the website. I researched getting followers for all my social media spaces. This made me even happier and more excited. I’ve not been doing this very long & I’ve met great people who are friendly, supportive, well-mannered and kind.  It has been such a boost to my mood and motivation. I feel like I’ve found my passion. I love to share things that have worked for me with others and this is the perfect outlet.

So if you look at the venn diagram below, I feel that I’ve checked off the “you love it” circle, the “you are great (okay good) at it” circle and “the world needs it” circle.  Hey…3 out of 4 is pretty, darn good.  The sticking point is the “you are paid for it” circle.  I am not quitting my day job, but I am enthusiastic about the opportunities out there.  I have seen lots of people become successful at this and I will not give up.  When you find a passion and a mission, it is definitely a goal to make it your profession.  Think positively…keep working hard…go for that goal!!!!


Lift Others Up

You can & you will

I saw this saying on an app today and it really hit home for me. It was on a fitness app and I can definitely see the connection to fitness. Some people who are in uber-good shape may see others who are not in tip-top shape and think or say…you can’t do it!! Coaches may even use it as some reverse psychology. Many people hear you can’t or you won’t and say to themselves…game on..I’m gonna do this!!! Or as the saying states…people use those words because they are scared that you CAN and WILL do it and then you’ll leave them in the dust. Fear or uncertainty can make people do or say things that are counterproductive to what you need from them. When I read it, I thought…yes this is so true…but I was thinking of a non-fitness scenario in my mind.

When co-workers or bosses treat with that you can’t/you won’t mentality, it hurts. They may not even say the words (and actually 99.9% of the time, they DON’T say the words), but their actions and other rhetoric hits you as hard as if they said you can’t and you won’t to your face. It sucks all the life out of you because you are doing the best possible job you can do. You see the successes and growth….they don’t even acknowledge that what you are doing is good/commendable/great. So if I take the mindset that they are scared or uncertain or uncomfortable in their own capabilities, it can make it a bit easier to take. To understand that they really aren’t thinking you won’t and you can’t, but are actually thinking you will and you can AND you’ll probably do a better job than they ever would…WOW…that can be empowering. You then switch roles and become the leader/teacher/empowerer…you can reach out to them and help them so that they can feel better about themselves AND they can then, in turn, be your cheerleader.

We should be trying to lift others up in our lives AND not be stomping on their dreams/wishes/goals. Think about that the next time someone says or thinks you won’t/you can’t….where are their thoughts/words really coming from?? Have an uplifting day!!!

Protein Shakes….yum

I have tried many, many, many protein powders.  Some were definitely better than others, but the majority of them had a weird, powdery taste that was less than tasty.  I recently tried Shakeology and I like it the best of all of them.  It does not have that powdery taste and can be combined with many other ingredients to make the yummiest shakes ever.  It comes in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry and vegan:  chocolate & strawberry.  Chocolate is my favorite and I mix it with some coffee, almond milk and vanilla…absolutely delicious.  There is a website that has LOTS of recipes and each one is better than the last.  If you’d like a sample of one of the flavors, let me know:)  It’s good and good for you.  If you are a protein powder enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed.  You could also try the recipes with protein powder you have, but I think Shakeology is the best:)  Have a great day!!!


You Matter

So, here’s a scenario for you… someone approaches you and seems very endearing and kind and you think to yourself, “Wow…what a great person!  They seem so real and genuinely interested in me as a person.  This is someone I could really make space for in my life.”  So you get all excited and think about things you could do together or maybe suggest to them because you hit it off so well to begin with.  They may even invite you to a jewelry or skincare party.  You go because you really genuinely like the person and may even buy some products from them.  You say that you’ll meet for coffee or lunch soon.  Then a couple days/weeks/months pass and you see them and they don’t even seem to know you or know anything about you.  Has this happened to you or someone you know??  Does this make you feel really sad, angry, betrayed??
Well, it has happened to me and you’d think I’d learn my lesson about people like this, but I don’t.  I’m a trusting, caring person so I think that everyone, in turn, is the same way.  They are not.  I have to repeat this mantra to myself A LOT….don’t place your expectations and beliefs upon others.  That is not to say that there aren’t wonderful, loving, caring people out there, because there are!!!  I am the type of person to want to form a trusting bond with people who I have a connection with…those connections are not dispoable because someone has not done anything for me lately.  Those connections matter & the people involved matter too.
I have wanted to break into the fitness/nutrition business because I want to share things that I have learned as a regular, every day “I need to get fit and eat better” person.  I have researched and tried many products and suggestions so I have knowledge about many different topics.  I am not an expert, but if I don’t know it , I’ll try to find out the answer.  I want to be able to support, motivate and help others who are in the same boat as I am.  I don’t want to pressure people into doing things that they don’t want to do.  I want them to be happy with what they are doing, happy with their results and happy to try harder each day.  No shame, no judgment.  I don’t want to be that person who friends others because I know they can help me financially with my business.  If they decide to sign up, GREAT!!!!  I’m all for it.  If they don’t have the money right now,  that’s fine too….I’ll support you any way I can.  If you need a sample, let me know…I’d be more than happy to share.
I hope that I find others out there looking for what I have to offer.  If this sounds good to you or someone you know, check out my website  If you just have questions or want suggestions, I will be happy to help.  I want to be the resource that I look for in others.  Thanks for taking time to read my blog:)

Let's Be Friends

Work for what you really want

I saw the saying below this morning & it really made me stop and think. In my journey to be healthier, does what I want right now get me to what I want most?

      Let’s break this down….I am out to dinner and I order a salad. I’m on vacation and my body is craving vegetables because I had something not particularly good for me the day before. My son orders french fries, which are actually not very appealing to me right now. At the end of my meal, there are still french fries left over. Do I grab them and eat them because they are there and I don’t want them to go to waste? Do I want them NOW because they are looking good? Will eating them get me to what I want most….a fitter, healthier me? No, no and no. Wow…I felt really good about my choice and I hope that I can continue to make the same choice if this scenario comes up again because if I keep making that healthy choice over and over, it will become a habit.
     Next, there is a marathon of my favorite show on TV.  I LOVE this show and missed some episodes so this would be a great time to catch up on a rainy day.  I’ll get sucked in and all of the sudden 4 hours will have passed in zoned out glory.  Do I watch this marathon because it looks good now or do I go do a workout and DVR the show for another time so I can get to what I want the most…a fitter, healthier me? DVR and workout…another good choice.
     That’s not to say that we are ALWAYS going to make the perfect choice.  We’re human and sometimes we give in…that’s okay. Everything in moderation…even moderation as the saying goes. However, if we really stay present in our choices and think them through, this behavior will become habit and there we are on the road to being fitter and healthier. Go forth today and make the best choices for yourself!  You are so worth it.

No Regrets

So my planned vacation landed right smack in the middle of starting a new eating/fitness program, figures, right??  I made a lot of gains last week and I don’t want to lose them all.  Well, I don’t have to lose the gains.  Vacation doesn’t mean an all-out food blitz, but you don’t have to deprive yourself either.  Try some of the following tips:
*Buy fruit, eggs, yogurt, eggs to keep at your rental property.  If they are there for you, you won’t want to waste them and they are cheaper and better for you than going out for every meal.  Also, if you feel like snacking the fruit will be a much healthier option.
*When you do go out for meals, opt for a salad or fresh vegetable side instead of fries.  Even a baked potato, minus sour cream and extras, is better than fries.
*Walk, walk, and walk.  Opt to walk wherever you can…the beach is perfect place to do lots of walking.
*Plan some exercise-centered activities, such as hikes, kayaking, paddle boarding, bike riding.
*Do some mini workouts that take a small amount of space, see below.  A mini workout is better than no workout at all.  If you have space, a DVD player and more time, you can bring workout DVDs.
*If there is something that you are really, really craving, have it and just cut back somewhere else AND walk even more that day.
*Your body will tell you when you’ve had ENOUGH.  I know that if I eat badly for several meals, I feel icky and my body CRAVES healthy food.  Also, I have found that drinking water really helps clear out those blah feelings until you can readjust and eat better.
I know that these are all simple, common sense ideas, but sometimes we don’t think about them when we are in the middle of a glorious, relaxing vacation.  Hopefully, at least one of them will help you.  Enjoy your well-earned vacation!!!

What is in a name??

So you may be wondering…Thistle Dew Fit…interesting name…what is up with it??  Well….MANY years ago, I was on vacation in Vermont and I saw a flower shop called Thistle Dew.  I thought it was the best name and always had it in the back of my mind if I ever opened a business.  It is a play on words to this will do or this’ll do as in “yeah, this will be just fine…it’ll do”.
I’m not saying I am settling by saying…eh…this is fine…this’ll do.  I am saying “YES…I’VE DONE MY BEST and this WILL do.  It is not trying to be average, it is trying to be the best I can be and accepting that my best is the best that I can do.  Your best might be different and THAT’S OKAY.  Also, sometimes things come up in life that you don’t agree with or you have to accept for what they are.  Those are also times when you can say “this’ll do”, I can deal with it and move on.
The other thing I observe about actual thistle dew is that the thistle is very sharp and pointy, yet very beautiful.  The dew can lay on the top of it and the little dew bubbles don’t pop…they stay strong in their dew-ness.  That’s how I feel I need to be sometimes…even in the face of sharp critics, I must stay strong like the dew on a thistle.  Wow…that sounds deep and motivational, doesn’t it??  LOL
Just some thoughts on the name of my title…hope you enjoyed the explanation.  Off to be as strong as the dew on a thistle!!!!