So…what’s the buzz for today??  Well, I’m very excited that I have gotten 60+ hits on my website in 2 days.  Everybody has to start somewhere and I’m thrilled that people are visiting!!  Just like our wellness journey has to start somewhere, my sharing journey had to start somewhere and I am over the moon about it.
I started using an app just last week called BurnThis.  Again, I am not getting paid to promote this app, I just love it.  They market it as Pinterest for fitness.  It is just that.  People post workouts, nutrition, motivational sayings, etc and you can like the posts and leave comments.  People in turn like your posts and leave comments.  It is great motivation and is a great resource for anyone trying to get healthier.  They have challenges where you post pictures with specific themes and hashtags AND you can win prizes.  They may ask you to become a BurnThis ambassador, which I have done.  It’s a cool little item that you can put in your profile.  I have seen people post workouts, shout outs for workout partners, recipes…all great motivators and supporters.  If you like Pinterest and your are into fitness, you will love it.  Peace out and have a great day!!



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