No slip Iphone holder

We’re on a roll…loving this blogging stuff.  I tried something I saw on the show Hack My Life (yes…there is a show with that name) and it worked GREAT.  You take an old athletic sock and cut the toe off of it.  You put it on your arm above your elbow.  Fold the sock up so the bottom meets the top.  Slip your phone into the fold.  Voila….workout phone holder.  It does not slip or move AND the sock absorbs the sweat.  Easy, peasy, lemony squeeze.  I did a 21day fix workout yesterday and the phone DID NOT MOVE.  There is a motion tracker on the PACT app that I wrote about the other day.  I usually slipped the phone inside my sports bra, but then it shifted around, got all sweaty and didn’t measure motion that well.  This works so much better, especially if you need it for walking.  Hope this post is helpful.  Have a great day.  Peace out.

Dolen Diaries

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