Workin’ It

Made it to the weekend…yessssss!!!!  I have been trying a new workout program called the 21 Day Fix and it is no joke.  I have done 3 of the workouts:  total body cardio, lower body and my favorite so far, the dirty 30.  They are all 30 minutes long and they WORK YOU OUT.  I did legs 3 days ago and my legs are still sore….a good sore!!!  I also LOVE going to Barre classes, which I have been doing for 7-1/2 months.  Those classes have definitely made me stronger and it is a great workout.  I wanted something else to do the days I don’t go there.  These videos are awesome.  I have been doing spin, TRX, boxing and barre for 2+ years now and the 21 Day Fix workouts still kick my butt.  I can’t wait to see what the other workouts are like.  I also like it because every day is different and you work different muscle groups.  Stay tuned for my new and improved fitness journey!!!!  Thank you for checking in and enjoy the rest of your weekend:)


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