No Boring Clothes

Nothing will motivate you to workout more than a new outfit.  I highly recommend buying a few, new workout outfits before you start because you will want to wear them and they may get you to work out.  As you reach different goals, you can buy yourself a new tank or leggings as a reward.  Much better than a food reward.  I have never been and will never be a size 2 so I have a very strong opinion of workout clothes companies.

     My favorite, hands down, is Athlete.  Great selection, big size range, great quality, pretty reasonably priced, cute/fun clothes.  They are owned by the same company as Old Navy and Gap.  I have an Old Navy card and can earn rewards for shopping at any of those companies plus Banana Republic and Sierra Trading Post online.  You can earn $5 and $10 rewards that can also be used at any of those companies.  They also often have additional %s off, sales, clearance…online store is great.  Free shipping (I think) when you spend $50.
     I also like TJ Maxx/Marshalls.  Inexpensive, cute workout clothes.  Not as big of a size range and quality is not as good.  They also have workout accessories:  yoga mats, weights, water bottles, headbands, etc.  If you have a TJX card, you can also earn rewards.
     As I’ve said before, I am NOT paid by any of these companies.  They are just my personal favorites.  I hope this was helpful to you.  Have a fashionable day!!

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