What is in a name??

So you may be wondering…Thistle Dew Fit…interesting name…what is up with it??  Well….MANY years ago, I was on vacation in Vermont and I saw a flower shop called Thistle Dew.  I thought it was the best name and always had it in the back of my mind if I ever opened a business.  It is a play on words to this will do or this’ll do as in “yeah, this will be just fine…it’ll do”.
I’m not saying I am settling by saying…eh…this is fine…this’ll do.  I am saying “YES…I’VE DONE MY BEST and this WILL do.  It is not trying to be average, it is trying to be the best I can be and accepting that my best is the best that I can do.  Your best might be different and THAT’S OKAY.  Also, sometimes things come up in life that you don’t agree with or you have to accept for what they are.  Those are also times when you can say “this’ll do”, I can deal with it and move on.
The other thing I observe about actual thistle dew is that the thistle is very sharp and pointy, yet very beautiful.  The dew can lay on the top of it and the little dew bubbles don’t pop…they stay strong in their dew-ness.  That’s how I feel I need to be sometimes…even in the face of sharp critics, I must stay strong like the dew on a thistle.  Wow…that sounds deep and motivational, doesn’t it??  LOL
Just some thoughts on the name of my title…hope you enjoyed the explanation.  Off to be as strong as the dew on a thistle!!!!


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