No Regrets

So my planned vacation landed right smack in the middle of starting a new eating/fitness program, figures, right??  I made a lot of gains last week and I don’t want to lose them all.  Well, I don’t have to lose the gains.  Vacation doesn’t mean an all-out food blitz, but you don’t have to deprive yourself either.  Try some of the following tips:
*Buy fruit, eggs, yogurt, eggs to keep at your rental property.  If they are there for you, you won’t want to waste them and they are cheaper and better for you than going out for every meal.  Also, if you feel like snacking the fruit will be a much healthier option.
*When you do go out for meals, opt for a salad or fresh vegetable side instead of fries.  Even a baked potato, minus sour cream and extras, is better than fries.
*Walk, walk, and walk.  Opt to walk wherever you can…the beach is perfect place to do lots of walking.
*Plan some exercise-centered activities, such as hikes, kayaking, paddle boarding, bike riding.
*Do some mini workouts that take a small amount of space, see below.  A mini workout is better than no workout at all.  If you have space, a DVD player and more time, you can bring workout DVDs.
*If there is something that you are really, really craving, have it and just cut back somewhere else AND walk even more that day.
*Your body will tell you when you’ve had ENOUGH.  I know that if I eat badly for several meals, I feel icky and my body CRAVES healthy food.  Also, I have found that drinking water really helps clear out those blah feelings until you can readjust and eat better.
I know that these are all simple, common sense ideas, but sometimes we don’t think about them when we are in the middle of a glorious, relaxing vacation.  Hopefully, at least one of them will help you.  Enjoy your well-earned vacation!!!


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