Work for what you really want

I saw the saying below this morning & it really made me stop and think. In my journey to be healthier, does what I want right now get me to what I want most?

      Let’s break this down….I am out to dinner and I order a salad. I’m on vacation and my body is craving vegetables because I had something not particularly good for me the day before. My son orders french fries, which are actually not very appealing to me right now. At the end of my meal, there are still french fries left over. Do I grab them and eat them because they are there and I don’t want them to go to waste? Do I want them NOW because they are looking good? Will eating them get me to what I want most….a fitter, healthier me? No, no and no. Wow…I felt really good about my choice and I hope that I can continue to make the same choice if this scenario comes up again because if I keep making that healthy choice over and over, it will become a habit.
     Next, there is a marathon of my favorite show on TV.  I LOVE this show and missed some episodes so this would be a great time to catch up on a rainy day.  I’ll get sucked in and all of the sudden 4 hours will have passed in zoned out glory.  Do I watch this marathon because it looks good now or do I go do a workout and DVR the show for another time so I can get to what I want the most…a fitter, healthier me? DVR and workout…another good choice.
     That’s not to say that we are ALWAYS going to make the perfect choice.  We’re human and sometimes we give in…that’s okay. Everything in moderation…even moderation as the saying goes. However, if we really stay present in our choices and think them through, this behavior will become habit and there we are on the road to being fitter and healthier. Go forth today and make the best choices for yourself!  You are so worth it.


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