Protein Shakes….yum

I have tried many, many, many protein powders.  Some were definitely better than others, but the majority of them had a weird, powdery taste that was less than tasty.  I recently tried Shakeology and I like it the best of all of them.  It does not have that powdery taste and can be combined with many other ingredients to make the yummiest shakes ever.  It comes in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry and vegan:  chocolate & strawberry.  Chocolate is my favorite and I mix it with some coffee, almond milk and vanilla…absolutely delicious.  There is a website that has LOTS of recipes and each one is better than the last.  If you’d like a sample of one of the flavors, let me know:)  It’s good and good for you.  If you are a protein powder enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed.  You could also try the recipes with protein powder you have, but I think Shakeology is the best:)  Have a great day!!!



6 thoughts on “Protein Shakes….yum

    1. I just tried the chocolate vegan and I LOVE it even more than regular chocolate. I had a little bit of trouble tolerating a whole scoop of the regular so I did a 1/2 scoop and it was much better. I have to say vegan chocolate is the best of the best. If you go to my website, there is a page to order it. Thanks for your comment!!!


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