Lift Others Up

You can & you will

I saw this saying on an app today and it really hit home for me. It was on a fitness app and I can definitely see the connection to fitness. Some people who are in uber-good shape may see others who are not in tip-top shape and think or say…you can’t do it!! Coaches may even use it as some reverse psychology. Many people hear you can’t or you won’t and say to themselves…game on..I’m gonna do this!!! Or as the saying states…people use those words because they are scared that you CAN and WILL do it and then you’ll leave them in the dust. Fear or uncertainty can make people do or say things that are counterproductive to what you need from them. When I read it, I thought…yes this is so true…but I was thinking of a non-fitness scenario in my mind.

When co-workers or bosses treat with that you can’t/you won’t mentality, it hurts. They may not even say the words (and actually 99.9% of the time, they DON’T say the words), but their actions and other rhetoric hits you as hard as if they said you can’t and you won’t to your face. It sucks all the life out of you because you are doing the best possible job you can do. You see the successes and growth….they don’t even acknowledge that what you are doing is good/commendable/great. So if I take the mindset that they are scared or uncertain or uncomfortable in their own capabilities, it can make it a bit easier to take. To understand that they really aren’t thinking you won’t and you can’t, but are actually thinking you will and you can AND you’ll probably do a better job than they ever would…WOW…that can be empowering. You then switch roles and become the leader/teacher/empowerer…you can reach out to them and help them so that they can feel better about themselves AND they can then, in turn, be your cheerleader.

We should be trying to lift others up in our lives AND not be stomping on their dreams/wishes/goals. Think about that the next time someone says or thinks you won’t/you can’t….where are their thoughts/words really coming from?? Have an uplifting day!!!


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