Follow your Passion and Mission

I have done a lot of soul searching this summer.  There was a ton of negativity and one-upping going on where I work.  One person said it was a toxic environment.  I was not looking forward to having to go back to that less than inviting environment. I decided to become a Beachbody coach because I love researching nutrition and also enjoy trying out different types of fitness classes. I was happy and excited about it.

I set up a website for the business, i added a blog to the website. I researched getting followers for all my social media spaces. This made me even happier and more excited. I’ve not been doing this very long & I’ve met great people who are friendly, supportive, well-mannered and kind.  It has been such a boost to my mood and motivation. I feel like I’ve found my passion. I love to share things that have worked for me with others and this is the perfect outlet.

So if you look at the venn diagram below, I feel that I’ve checked off the “you love it” circle, the “you are great (okay good) at it” circle and “the world needs it” circle.  Hey…3 out of 4 is pretty, darn good.  The sticking point is the “you are paid for it” circle.  I am not quitting my day job, but I am enthusiastic about the opportunities out there.  I have seen lots of people become successful at this and I will not give up.  When you find a passion and a mission, it is definitely a goal to make it your profession.  Think positively…keep working hard…go for that goal!!!!



18 thoughts on “Follow your Passion and Mission

  1. Perfect read. I have been struggling with a toxic work environment as well as just barely decided to do something about it yesterday! Good luck on becoming a coach, i’m sure it can’t be easy!


    1. Toxic work environments are the worst!! I JUST bought a little sign that says COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS…that is what I’m going to do everyday. Good luck in your situation too!!! We can do it!!


  2. Ah! I totally love that diagram, I may have to use that as my desktop background to remind myself to keep pursuing the passion God has placed in my heart with the confidence that even though my focus is not on making $, He’s the Ultimate supplier and I’m sure He’ll find a way to bless my obedience monetarily also! So glad you’ve connected with a group of supportive, loving, positive people…so important when stuck in a world with people that generally hate their jobs (yet do nothing to better themselves otherwise).


    1. Connect with some of the bloggers out there!! It is such a great community…I have messaged a bunch and they have been nothing but kind, supportive and uplifting. Glad you like the graphic…I LOVED it when I saw it!!!


  3. I love that diagram. It’s so true … we often times get pulled in too many different directions and one of the main circles tends to pull us more than another. It’s a challenge to find balance with all of them, but I’m going to keep on trucking! Happy Saturday!


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