This Week’s Inspiration

These are the inspirations that I have seen this week online:

Blog – Leveala      Great tips on blogging and growing your social media following:)

Saying – I have been doing a lot of soul searching this summer and I have decided that I need to focus on positivity so that the negative and toxic thoughts and actions out there don’t consume me.


Article – As a society, we focus more on negativity and we have to consciously think about and work at being positive and having positive thoughts.  We have to hardwire our brains for happiness. How To Wire Your Brain For Happiness

Blogger – Cynthia Spillane of The Craft of Laughter…I reached out to her to ask A question and she has been my go to ever since.  She has shared her ideas, tips, enthusiasm and support.  Thank you for your help Cynthia!!

Product – I cannot say enough about the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ blender.  It can blend, crush, mix ANYTHING.  It is super fast and when making smoothies there is not one ice cube or fragment of an ice cube left at the end.  Just smooth drinking.  It is loud, but it gets the job done so fast, it really isn’t a problem to me.  If you use your blender often, replace it with this and you will not be sorry:)

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ BL640 Blender



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