Eat Healthy


True and true.  You should not diet!  It ruins your metabolism.  It is not permanent weight loss.  It makes you cranky.  It is not healthy.  All these ads that bombard us every day, all day in the media makes us think that…if you eat this food on this plan…your problems and extra pounds will disappear.  Tell extra pounds may disappear temporarily, but once you’re off their program, the pound come back.  It’s the truth no matter how you look at it.

Another truth is that if you change your eating habits and lifestyle, it is healthy.  It doesn’t ruin your metabolism.  It is permanent weight loss.  You feel better and are in a better mood.  Yay!! Let’s go with that option.  PLEASE don’t say, “I’m on a diet.”  If you friends ask you if you are on a diet say, “No…I’m permanently changing my eating habits.”  We need to get the word out to society…please:)

I have been doing the 21 Day Fix and many tweets, stories, FB posts all say it is just another “diet”.  It isn’t…it teaches you how to make better choices and portion your food.  America has an unbelievably warped view of what a serving size is.  Super size…jumbo…big gulp…whatever you want to call it…it’s unhealthy.  Once you use the program and make those choices and portions a habit, you are on your way to that permanent eating habit.  Is this the only program that works??  Absolutely not.  Is it a program that works if you stick to it?  Yes.  Can you maintain it as a lifestyle?   Yes to that to.

I did a IIFYM program (if it fits your macros) and it worked too.  In that program, you have to stay within your macro count for fat, protein, carbs, fiber and it is very maintainable and it also works.  I feel that I do a combo of the IIFYM and 21 Day Fix.  I’d even say that 21 Day Fix is a twist on IIFYM.  So make that eat habit change…do it a little at a time and you’ll definitely see results.  If you’d like info on the 21 Day Fix, I will gladly answer any questions you may have.  Thanks for stopping by and have a healthy day:)